MIKKI KOOMAR – Brand Ambassador India

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We are proud to present our new brand ambassador in India.

Please welcome Mikki Koomar. He is an Indian Bollywood from Mumbai.
We are planing a photo shooting in Berlin with the new collection. Be curious.

N2L – Never Too Late is a Berlin (Germany) based International Fashion Label for Urban Organic Streetwear for Men. The Garments are made out of Organic Fabric (Cotton, Silk, Linen, etc.)

N2L is going to showcase the collection and will be the special guest Label from berlin at Serbia International fashion in April 2016

N2L is stylish, fashionable and aimed at young achievers and no one else comes close to defining the new design with International style. For us, Mikki Koomar was the best fit for the brand,“ says Founder of N2L brand Mr. George Andreas Suhr.
Mikki Koomar is the perfect fit for us as brand ambassador not only because he is a young and energetic “We chose him to endorse our brand because he is a perfect blend of good looks, attitude and style.

Many Celebrities are chosen by brands as ambassadors purely for their success at the box office or their professional life growth. Like an International Sportsman or Movie Stars, A few, though, bring along something different. For instance, Mikki Koomar, an ambassador for N2L is, in addition not just to being an actor, but also he is a Indian Male model and got highest vote on internet, the most famous online international competition and he is the cover face of IMM International Magazine.

Further, Founder of N2L brand Mr. George Andreas Suhr set up a plan of action in April with Mikki Koomar for N2L brand new campaign photoshoot in Germany (Berlin)

More Information about MIKKI:
Mikki Koomar Webpage
Mikki Koomar @ Facebook

More Information about Serbia Fashion Week
SFW Webpage
SFW @ Facebook


2015 im Rückblick

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Eine Cable Car in San Francisco fasst 60 Personen. Dieses Blog wurde in 2015 etwa 390 mal besucht. Eine Cable Car würde etwa 7 Fahrten benötigen um alle Besucher dieses Blogs zu transportieren.

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Michael & Robin for N2L


Robin for N2L – Never too Late

Theme: Urban Worriers
Collection: Preview Summer 2017
Label: N2L – Never too Late > Urban Organic Streetwear
Model: Robin (http://www.robinhoehn.com/home.html)
Make-Up & Hair: Angelique Waltenberg
Styling & Photography: Georg Andreas Suhr


Michael for N2L – Never too Late

Theme: Urban Worriers
Collection: Preview Summer 2017
Label: N2L – Never too Late > Urban Organic Streetwear
Model: Michael
Make-Up & Hair: Angelique Waltenberg
Styling & Photography: Georg Andreas Suhr


GEORGE by cocccon

Today we will share with you a new project from our designer Georg Andreas Suhr in cooperation with cocccon – creativity can care.

We think the colorful scarves are so unisex that it will fits you perfect with the N2L outfits… And underneath? Natural underwear ORGANIC UNDERWEAR!

GEORGE by cocccon

About the Designer:
George Andreas is an International Design & Brand Consultant based in Berlin, Bangalore and Beijing.
Since 2009 he visits india periodically for an intercultural design exchange. He writes for european fashion magazines about the indian fashion industry and visits the main fashion weeks in Mumbai and Delhi. As author of the leading design magazine POOL he also write about indian design and handcrafts.

For further information and news you can check out
GEORGE by cocccon

>>> on Facebook
>>> on Dawanda > Onlineshop for products made with Love


About the Collection:
This scarf collection is based upon his colourful experience in india… He is studying rangolis / mandalas and in this project he combine it with his photowork. Since long time he is fascinated from the colors of india and catch it with his lense.

Technical Details:
This scarf is made from non-violent Silk produced by project Cocccon, India. Digital printing is done by GOTS certified digital printing machine.
Ink used here are eco friendly and also suitable for infants.

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Paul for GEORGE by cocccon > non violence silk scarf collection.
Model: Paul Gonzalez Sanchez
Hair & Make-Up: Angelique Waltenberg
Photography and Styling: Georg Andreas Suhr
Label: GEORGE by cocccon (Cocccon)


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all friends and fans around the world. Love, Peace and Success for 2016.


Georg Andreas Suhr


Article on DRUGI PAR GAĆA by Dalibor Jakus

N2L – Never Too Late – Organic Urban Streetwear /// Article on DRUGI PAR GAĆA by Dalibor Jakus
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First Preview of the Summer Collection

Urban Warriors by N2L

Models: Michael & Robin
Make Up, Hair: Angelique Waltenberg
Photography & Styling: Georg Andreas Suhr


Models Wanted

We are searching for male models based in Berlin. For the upcoming shooting „Urban Warriors“ in Berlin from 27th to 31st of July 2015 we searching for new faces (beginners are welcome / TFP base or small budget). Sent us your random pictures or portfolio to (a.suhr (at) gmx.de), with the subject line „Urban Warriors“

It is a test shooting with some sample garments from the upcoming N2L collection. We will share the pictures for press work in Asia and Europe. It is a great chance for new faces (portfolio) or models who are looking for the asian markets.

The editorial will be publish exclusive @ IMM – Indian Male Models. IMM is one of the biggest male model blog in India and Asia. With over 2 million visitors from all around the world and over 22.000 followers on facebook.

Feel free and sent us your portfolio!

Georg Andreas Suhr
mail: a.suhr (at) gmx.de

IMM Blog you can check out here > IMM – Indian Male Models

N2L – Blog Beta Version

Official Start with the new N2L-Blog is the 1st of September 2015

Be curious…!!!

Summer Campaign

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